Sleep pain-free on a Visco-Elastic memory foam mattress

Your body will feel luxurious after you sleep on your new Visco=Elastic memory foam mattress and experience a night of pain-free sleep. Inspired by the visco-elastic material developed by the NASA program over twenty years ago, memory foam mattresses are clinically proven to reduce pressure on your body and to relieve pain during sleep.

Since the Visco-Elastic memory foam equalizes pressure points across your body, you feel as though you’ve slipped into a soothing bathtub and are held in a cushioned embrace. Sharp edges and firm, pinching mattresses will be a thing of the past after you invest in the cool comfort of one of our memory foam mattresses today. Soak into history and clinically-proven sleep bliss today.

Find the memory foam mattress for you

With our Agate 10″ and our Tempur-Pedic 10″ Deluxe, you can choose between two great memory foam mattresses to satisfy your desire for a great night’s sleep. Our Tempur-Pedic 10″ Deluxe offers an additional half inch of memory foam on its surface with a 7″ poly foam base, while our Agate 10″ offers a 7″ 15% soy-based poly foam base, giving you an eco-friendly mattress that helps reduce pain every single night.

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