On-site product manufacturing

At Reno Mattress Co., Inc., we feel that with all the hours you spend sleeping you should take care in choosing the mattress that is right for you. Reno Mattress Co., Inc. helps you in that process. We manufacture mattresses and box springs right in the Reno location. If you are looking for a latex, a memory foam, a pillow top, a waterbed, or even an adjustable mattress, you’ve come to the right place. If we don’t have them in stock, we can order them for you. Our delivery time is quick and you should have your perfect mattress in no time.

If a waterbed is the choice for you, Reno Mattress Co., Inc. is the only Northern Nevada distributor of waterbeds specializing in DreamWeaver, the ultimate waterbed mattress.

Let us build your customized bed today

As Reno’s original mattress manufacturer, we have the experience in custom mattress fabricating for RVs, campers, and antique bedframes.