Family Owned & Operated

Reno Mattress Co., Inc. is owned and operated by Mike and Dawn Berry. Mike has 51 years experience in the business. He and his staff can direct you to a product that they know will work and is proven. As a manufacturer, they can provide you with a product that suits your needs. Reno Mattress Co., Inc. is Reno’s oldest manufacturer of bedding!

At Reno Mattress Co., Inc., we feel that with all the hours you spend sleeping, you should take care in choosing the mattress that is right for you. We help you with that process by offering a wide assortment of mattresses for you to choose from, with our professional advice and opinions at the ready.



We just purchased a new bed from this location and we love it. Best sleep I’ve had in a while. Mike and his crew are great, down to earth people.
Keith Nebeker
6 Months Ago
Got a new custom size RV mattress here. So comfortable and reasonably priced!
Moriah McGraw
4 Months Ago
Great business owner who took personal care of us in our needs for twin bed!
Kathleen Hanley
2 Years Ago

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